We Believe in Rendering the Best Service Beyond all Challenges

What We Do

Impex L. L. C (USA), having an office in Carson City, Nevada aims at catering to the Global needs from USA for updated Engineering and Structural Designs supported by modern technologies; Initiating projects in the field of metallurgy, refractory, iron & steel, coke oven, cement, power generation, chemicals, particularly gasification and coal to liquid, etc.

We cater to "Equipment" "Spares" and "Industrial Commodities” for both metallurgical and non-metallurgical industries.

We have the following points to highlight in our favour:

As mentioned above, because of our office at Nevada, USA the communication chain can work more efficiently in handling different issues, thus, organizing the transfer process hassle-free.

As we have a strong presence across the globe, we can help the Association in shifting manufacturing business between the places.

We are well equipped to extend our support in genuine feasibility study, resulting in ROI Planning.

We are internally supported by a team of experts who from their familiarity in Industries can really, guide as to which industry would do well in which country.